Atrium is the acronym for Academic Training in Undergraduate Medicine. By these terms, we mean a medical career that focuses on research and on extending the horizons of what is known and what is possible, rather than on general practice. What we exist to do is:

 To increase the level of development, both professional and personal, of all medical students through the provision of education designed to develop academic medicine skills

 To inform and support those medical students who, after graduation, wish to undertake academic medicine training. The information will appear on our website, but will also be disseminated through informational meetings to spread the word about academic medicine careers

 To make people more aware of academic medicine (what it is, how it is carried on, the current levels of expertise, and the challenges now faced)

 To draw attention to academic medicine careers, bearing in mind that not everyone who begins a medical training is either suited for or really wants a career in general practice. The intention is not to draw students away from a career in general practice, but to make sure that everyone embarked on study for a medical career is aware of all of the options, and understands what medical research is for, how it is conducted, and what career options are available

This website will set out to be a repository and respected resource for all those who either have, or believe that they may in future have, and interest in academic medicine.